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“Scooby Snacks” For Your Dream-Building Appetite

In Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady‘s book, “Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR)”, hunger is discussed as one of the biggest facets of leadership. It is stated, “Hunger provides the energy to begin, the stamina to persist, and the will to finish an endeavor.”

Similar to the human body, one’s hunger needs to be fed on a regular basis. Without proper nutrition, it will surely die. A well-balanced diet that keeps hunger strong and full of energy is provided through regular “meals” that consist of a combination of the “3 Levels of Motivation”: 1) Material Success, 2) Recognition and Respect, and 3) Purpose, Destiny and Legacy. Entire blogs could be dedicated to each of these levels alone, however, this article will focus on a sub-category within the “Material Success” level…dream-building.

In the LLR, the following two quotes are stated regarding dream-building:

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” — Carl Sandberg

“What do you want? Write it down, visualize it, dream it, team it and scheme it, and it’s yours.” — Mark Victor Hansen

As stated above, a well-balanced diet for hunger is provided by combining all 3 levels of motivation on a regular basis. My goal with this article is to provide you with a few “Scooby snacks” to quench your dream-building appetite. Below you will find some dream-building links…have fun and enjoy!

I want to fly an airplane!

I want a unique motorcycle!

I want to go shopping!

I want to travel!

I want a yacht!

I want a snowmobile!

I want a personal watercraft!

I want a motorcoach!

I want a car!

I want a ski boat!

I want a new home!

I want a Harley-Davidson!

I want to go on a fishing trip!

I want to go on a hunting trip!

I want to drive a race car!

I want to go on a mission trip!

I want to donate to charity!

The life you’ve always wanted is waiting for you…dream-build regularly and go get it!

God bless and have a great day!

Eric C. Blomdahl


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